Fifty-three. Time has flown by! Where have the days gone and how can I get them back?Who would have thought I would have arrived here so quickly? I can remember being just a little girl when everyone older than 25 seemed old. And here I am. Since I haven’t found a way to turn back the clock, I’ve come to realize I must embrace it.

Maybe it comes with age or my years as a Registered Nurse that I am seeing the importance of good health more so now than ever. Feeling that youthful vitality I once had has now become my focus. Even if I can’t turn the clock back maybe I can slow it down just a little. When you start to see those fine lines and wrinkles start to set in you wish you could just take that little pink eraser on the end of your pencil and do a little magic! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Or how about those few extra pounds around your midsection? Yes! Let’s erase those too! One can only dream.

It’s funny how you look back and see how the events in your life have pushed you and pulled you in one direction or another. Some for the better, some for the worse. Some adding a few pounds, some taking a few pounds away. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about! Hopefully you have learned some things along the way and met some special friends too.

So stop by and say “hi” and let me know you’re here. One thing I’ve come to realize is how special friends are and that you can never have to many. I would love to get to know all of you ♥